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Welcome to Game ON!

A Mesmerizing Celebration!

Featuring concert premieres of stunning symphonic soundtrack music from an unprecedented lineup of blockbuster video games, Game ON! combines unrivaled symphonic arrangements with stunning, never before seen HD video.

Previous Acclaim

Game ON! World Premiere with the National Symphony

The Kennedy Center lights dimmed, and a hushed reverence fell over the crowd as a man, who composed the music to some of their favorite video games, rose to his podium. 

Eric Jansen – WUSA9 (CBS TV)


A GREAT time was had by all!

WCPE Radio, Raleigh N.C

You can hear the audience yelling out the video game names . . . Then, the screaming begins.   It’s thrilling!

Barry Hearn – The National Symphony

Speaks to the fundamental musical spirit of today’s youth!

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Game ON! World Premiere with the National Symphony

You could hear whispers from children to their parents…”That was so cool”   It was a night they would never forget! 

Eric Jansen – WUSA9 (CBS TV)

The closest thing {classical} musicians get to a fantasy metal concert!

Ally Schweitzer – Washington City Paper

An unparalleled opportunity for each and every member of the orchestra to connect to their next generation audience!

Cassie Silva – Review Vancouver

Andy Brick wowed us all with his Symphony!

WCPE Radio, Raleigh N.C

Teenagers in jeans and Tee-shirts bestowed upon the musicians and game music heroes a standing ovation!

Marie Lechner – The Liberation

The opening concert in the Gewandhaus was inconceivably beautiful!

Uwe Bassendowski – Sony Entertainment

Judging by the raucous reception and encore shouts, the crowd clearly enjoyed the performance!

Andrew Creasey – The Oregon Music News

A whirlwind ride through some of history’s greatest video game scores!

Erica Larson – Maryland Theatre Guide

The fantastic sound vibrated through the walls of the Gewandhaus causing them to tremble!

Noel Auer – Columnist, Game Vision

World Renowned Orchestras

Performed by world-renowned symphony orchestras, Game ON! will mesmerize you with an exhilarating and unequaled concert experience  that celebrates the artistry of the symphony orchestra and embraces the passion and excitement of you, the next generation symphony audience!

Symphonic Game Music

Houston Symphony

The Houston Symphony inspires and engages a large and diverse audience in Greater Houston and beyond through exceptional orchestral and non-orchestral performances, educational programs and community activities.

The National Symphony

Each season, the United States’ national orchestra welcomes the world’s greatest guest artists to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, and offers many other exciting events and educational programs throughout D.C., the nation, and the world.

The Oregon Symphony

Adventurous programming. Inspiring collaborations. Bridging art forms. Connecting lives. Sparking conversation. Every day, and with each exhilarating performance, the Oregon Symphony is moving music forward!

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Recent Concerts

Houston Symphony

May 21 2020
Jones Hall Houston, Texas

Sold Out
The National Symphony

January 8, 2020
The Kennedy Center
Washington, D.C.

The Oregon Symphony

February 1, 2020
Arlene Schnitzer Hall
Portland, Oregon